Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toddlers and Tiara's

Earlier today I was working on some things when a commercial came on advertising the show Toddlers & Tiaras. Instantly I found myself irritated over the behavior of these "moms" and the way they treat their kids and the way they themselves act. It's a disgrace to many of us. I pulled this from a post I did awhile back on another blog of mine and thought I would share on here.

 I absolutely LOVE watching TLC, NATGEO, Animal Planet, and so many other channels, as well as the shows they allow audiences to view. I love certain reality shows. Not the trash type ones, but the ones that let you into the real lives of other people. Whether it be Real Women of Dallas/Cincinnati, Ganglands, Border Wars, Sarah Palin’s Alaska…whatever. I really enjoy the shows that leave you thinking about life; the ones that can open your eyes to what others have been through, and have you wanting to make changes or know what roads not to go down. However, the one show that really gets under my skin, more than any other show, is Toddlers in Tiara’s.  Really? Moms and Dads out there that participate in this or even consider participating in this need to be slapped! How do you even find it acceptable to put your daughters through this mess? Yes, I am aware that every little girl wants to look, dress, and feel like a princess, I do have two of my own, but to subject your daughters to a world that they have no business in is just not right for many reasons. Your children need to hold onto their innocence as long as possible and embrace childhood. They do not need to be paraded onto stages, dressed in ten pounds of makeup, spray on tans, hair all made up and perfect, heels, “cone” boobs, and bratty attitudes. That is just beyond ridiculous. When do they have the opportunity to even act as a child? Oh wait, is it their time when they are practicing or about to go on stage, pitching a fit, with a pacifier in their mouth? If you are going to subject them to that type of environment then at least pull the pacifier out! They can’t be both baby and “grown” child. Make your pick.  Every time I see the commercials for this show I just cringe. It seems so unfair for these little girls. The one that really makes me go insane is the bratty girl, standing near the stage, screaming with a pacifier in her mouth. She needs to lose it! I could never bring myself to watch that show just because I feel it is wrong! Sure, put your daughters in beauty pageants, I see no issues with that. However, there is no reason to make your child live the life of Toddlers in Tiaras. No child at the toddler stage should know what a full out competition is or should know how to throw a tantrum because they did not win. No toddler should know the term “diet” and find it acceptable that they need to remain a certain size.

*Before any comments are made, no I am not an overweight woman. I am 5’3” and 115 lbs at most. I do have two daughters, they are 8 and 9 and both tall and slim. So, being overweight is not even an issue in my house. Yes, we eat healthy, but no, we do not stick with strict diets.* 

Children of the toddler age, and even older, need to be around children of their own ages. They should be learning how to properly communicate and their brains should be filled with subjects such as the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, Church and Jesus, children’s songs, family outings, and so much more. They should be outside playing at the park, riding their bikes and tricycles, playing tag and hiding-go-seek, swinging and sliding, playing in the dirt, finding pure excitement in a new puppy and growing with their new family member. Oh, how my list could go on and on. Put them in dance, gymnastics, or any other sport that they find intriguing. You should not be pushing them onto a stage, prancing around in small outfits, showing off their innocent bodies, and making moves that the girls are your local strip club are making. Parents of today’s society should be examined before they are allowed to be blessed with children. You should never live vicariously through your children. This is their lives, let them enjoy it. Let them have the memories that most of us have as they mature into adults. Let them interact with children their own ages. LET THEM BE CHILDREN!  There should be certain times and certain ages before a child is allowed to act the way you allow your children to act. They should grow up knowing the meaning of class and respect, as well as holding onto to their innocence. 


  1. Oh my Brittney... we have a few things in common, we're GREAT Mommys! Cups Up! xoxo

  2. Thank you! I love when other moms share the same thoughts on things like this! XOXO

  3. OMG I totally agree with you on this! I could not even imagine putting my daughter through anything like that! And she is a toddler. Thanks for speaking up!! xoxo

  4. Girl, it drives me absolutely insane to see parents act as the ones do on this show. Children should be able to enjoy their childhood...not be paraded around on stage acting in ways that look promiscuous with parents living vicariously through their child. Not even right! Thanks for reading!