Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things That Make my Heart Melt

Caitlin and Nic sat in the living room floor and worked on his pre-school cards for well over an hour! She was amazing with him and has been pretty good lately wanting to work with Nic.

Nic drawing while we were at the doctors office. Lovin' the camo hat!

Kevin in his glasses... With or without them, he still makes my heart melt! He hasn't let me take a picture of him in his glasses yet, so I kind of had to sneak this one in! : )

I'm just missing a more recent pic of Bre... : ( Of course she is part of what makes my heart melt too!

Funny moment the other day.... Caitlin and Nic were playing in his room, when something happened and a normal "argument" broke out between the two of them. Instead of Nic doing the normal thing and fight with her, he stood up and walked out of his room. While walking out, he tells her in a frustrated voice, "That's it. I'm moving out". I stood in the kitchen, trying to regain my composure when I heard him walking my way. Of course I caught myself in laughter. I asked him where he was moving to. Nic informed me "away from her". Haha. Then he told me that he wouldn't leave me so make her go. Where does this kid come up with these things?

We are now bring the first week of them being out of school to a close. I was kind of worried how it would be, but honestly, they have actually been pretty good! I can't complain. Like every set of siblings, they have had their moments, but overall, they haven't been too bad. Bre is going through a phase that makes me want to pull my hair out at certain moments throughout the day. She has become very opinionated and tries to tell Nicholas what to do. Needless to say, we are trying to break her of these things.


  1. Cute kids my Dear Britt! I'm not stalking you or anything like that, it's just that my stats are showing lots of traffic from your site... Thanks! Off to powder my nose... xoxo

  2. Thank you and by all means... Feel free to stalk away! : ) I welcome it. You are welcome! Glad you are getting a lot of traffic.