Monday, June 27, 2011

What a Week

What a week we have had! Quite honestly, I remember bits and pieces from this past week after being drugged up on all the meds they sent me home with following surgery. Well, let me re-phrase that, the meds that I was put on at the ER. On Saturday hours after the surgery, the pain became so intense that Kevin had to take me to the ER to get me stronger pain pills. I ended up being prescribed types of pain pills, a muscle relaxer and phenegran to keep it all down. This is why I don't recall too much of that week. The couch has become my best friend, as it hurts to much to walk up the steps and it's the only place I can find a comfortable position. Pillows on all around my upper body and a body pillow that I am cuddling up to. FYI: I really miss sleeping in my bed next to my husband! I keep hoping that in the next couple of days I will be able to sleep upstairs. The pain is still pretty intense and the recovery harder than I ever anticipated. I am not able to sit because of the pain, when I do, I sit crooked. Thankfully, the kids were actually pretty well behaved and Kev was amazing with taking care of me throughout the week with him being home.

During the week, the kids constantly asked me if I needed anything. Every time I moved, someone was near me asking what I needed. I couldn't even head to the bathroom without being told to just stay where I was and let them take care of me. Sorry guys, this one is a little bit too personal for that. I told them unless they could empty my bladder then had to move. haha. I did end up back in the ER over the week for not being able to urinate for more than 24 hours. They put a catheter in to empty me out and there was a lot to empty. Then it took me about 15 more hours to be able to go on my own.

On Wednesday the girls made a tent in their room with blankets and slept on the floor. On Thursday they asked me if they could do it in the backyard and sleep there. They made the tent, but slept inside. I'm pretty sure the tent was just for them to play in. Real cute idea! I love how these three have amazing imaginations!

On Friday, they decided they wanted to make the tent again, only this time we broke out the two man tent and put it up in the backyard. Once up, they grabbed their sleeping bags, more blankets, pillows, flashlights, and other things and headed to the backyard for a night of camping out. To our surprise, they actually slept all night in the tent! Kevin and I never thought they would make it through the night. The next morning they could not stop talking about how awesome it was to camp in the backyard! Made us feel like awesome and cool parents! lol. They asked again for Saturday night, but that idea only lasted a few minutes before they realized they would rather stay in their room. Probably because of how dark it was...I wish I had taken more pics of this for them! Next time!!!

On Sunday, I felt like doing something with them for being so awesome and helpful during the week, so we made Edible Carrot Gardens. Way cute idea!  The carrot gardens we made from vanilla wafers as the sides and bottom, chocolate wafers or oreo style crushed cookies, orange Mike & Ikes, chocolate frosting to hold it together, and green licorice style candies. Super easy and fun for the kids! They get to eat it, so it doesn't take up crazy room in the house and the kids loved it! Great dessert!

Thank you so much for the ones that have stood by my side through the past week and the aftermath of the surgery! You guys are all amazing and I am so lucky to have each of you in my life. I love you all! Thanks for getting me through this crazy mess and keeping me positive. Thank you to my husband, for never letting me down and being more than I could have asked for during this time and always. I love you more than any amount of words can ever express!

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