Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Busy Biddle Life....

I know I have not updated this as quickly as everyone would like, but in my defense, it has been such a busy (almost) week here for us! Last week was GYN pre-op for me, we picked up the keys to our new house, moved in and made it our home! Neither of us have had much downtime or "net" time.

We LOVE our new home! It is working out wonderfully for all of us! We started to move in last Thursday and are pretty much settled in now! A few odds and ins still need to be taken care of, but you could never tell we've only been here a few days. While Kevin went in to sign out of work, I managed to get the kitchen just how I wanted it on Thursday night. Of course, the rest of the house came together fairly quickly after that!

We were able to register the girls at their new school today. Seems like it will be an excellent school for each of them! We are very excited to see what this school year has in store. We have New Student Orientation on August 12 and Orientation to meet their teachers on August 19. School starts August 24, three weeks from today! Where has the time gone? It is so hard to believe that Bre is in third grade and Caitlin in second! They will be riding the bus this year, which makes them feel even bigger! The part they are most excited about.... No school uniforms!!! Thy have the typical dress code to follow, but nothing like the past few years with certain pants and only polo shirts of certain colors! Of course, we had to take them shopping for clothes over the weekend. Trying to get as much done as possible before my surgery!

Speaking of surgery, it will occur on August 9 at William Beaumont Army Medical Center here on Fort Bliss. As of right now, the details are very limited and we will not know exactly what will happen until after the operation! They are starting it off as a laparoscopy. Three small incisions in my adominal area. They will remove my ovaries this way. They will clean the area out and go in with a microscope in order to look at my cervix. At this point, with my health and previous surgeries they are unsure if they can remove my cervix. It may cause to many complications right now, as well as problems with my bladder that could possibly lead to further surgeries. If they can remove my cervix they will then do a full abdominal incison, the same as with my c-sections and partial hysterectomy. If they are unable to remove my cervix, they will have to closely monitor it from here on out and we have to pray for no further difficulties. The doctors are hoping they will be able to remove it without the damage and added on complications. They have already stated I fall into a high risk category. They have also pulled me from my pain pills due to this surgery. The pain medication and my health can cause complications leading me to not wake up from the surgery. Good news, as of right now, my thyroid panel looked excellent! That is great news considering it has been quite awhile for a wonderful panel to come back! The thyroid panel checks my TSH and T4 levels, as well as other things. Since I no longer have a thyroid gland, my levels are monitored frequently. About every 12 weeks or less I have to have lab work for it. Now, we are playing the waiting game to see what the outcome will be. Kevin will try to contact everyone to give an update and I will attempt to get on here to write a quick update. No promises on that one though! Feel free to send me or Kev a text if you want, or send me an email if you want a call! If you don't hear from us right away, please understand, things are incredibly chaotic right now! We don't know how long the surgery will take and the waiting room at the hospital has terrible reception for cells. Please be patient, you will hear something at some point on August 9! Don't call and get upset if we don't answer or return calls back shortly!

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