Friday, August 27, 2010

Only Out Here....

Only at a feed store out here would there be live animals in enclosed areas. When I say animals, I'm not referring to the common ones you'd think of. Well, not all of them anyways. Sure, they had mini donkeys and ponies and the even had some cattle. But this place also had a bison as well as a camel. Yes people, you heard right. They had a camel! Of course the kids and I had Kevin take us so we could get out and walk around. (grannie we can show you when you come out next week! It's real close to us). Kev laughed and told us not to get to close to the camel... It may spit on us. Ummm, gross! It was fun to see the kids faces light up like they did. We saw this last week when I had Kevin get us out of the house. We just drove around. Nice way to spend a couple hours! Enjoy the pics!

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Location:New Mexico

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