Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Don't Fall....."

It seems crazy that a year ago Nicholas could barely talk, because now he talks nonstop! His words have become more clear and he can hear and comprehend! The surgery and tubes worked miracles for him! It's absolutely amazing the difference this past year has made!

Last Saturday Kevin took us all to the library to return books that were overdue. The librarian didn't charge us a late fee since my hospital stay and surgery was the reason for the overdue books. Very nice of him! On the way back we had to make the loop around off the exit to head home. When we were looping around Nic looked down and noticed the interstate blow us. Out of nowhere, he says "don't fall daddy". Totally random. Kevin and I looked at each other to see if the other one knew what he was talking about. Then I looked at him and saw the direction he was focused on. I asked why he said that. His response, "you fall and Nic gets hurt.... You fall and you break truck". How cute! Of course we both laughed. It was just real neat that he put all of that together and oh so cute how he said it all! I love the innocence in children!

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