Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Do's and The Don'ts.......

What a chaotic couple of weeks this has been! Kevin, Nicholas, and I made a visit to the surgeons office for the post-op appointment. The good surgeon that is! Most of you know I have no desire or want in me to return to the first surgeon for any type of appointment. I had to go in for a follow up with the surgeon from Providence, Dr. Gomez. He is such a wonderful doctor! Kevin and I really respect him and his opinion on things. The appointment with him turned out to be a good one for the most part. Of course, he had to add more pills to my daily taking of what I am already on. Like I didn't already have enough to begin with! I am now also on three iron pills a day in hopes of getting my levels up and not having to have a transfusion in the near future. He has me set to have lab work done in four weeks and to see him again at the end of September, in about five weeks. Dr. Gomez let me know quickly that there is no point in blood work being done now because there will not be much of a difference from when I was in the hospital. It is just too soon to see the difference we are hoping for. As long as I am improving I will not have to have the transfusion. However, I am severely anemic so I have to be careful with all that I do at this point. If  my levels have not improved to what he thinks is suitable, then I will have to undergo a transfusion. (Thanks in advance Dad if you have to come out here!) We are all praying that time, rest, medications, and a proper diet will push me in the right direction. Dr. Gomez made it clear that I am for the most part, out of the most dangerous part of this recovery, but I need to really understand that I still have a long road of recovery ahead of me. He made it clear this is nothing I can play with, which I promise I am not. I am taking this whole situation and recovery more serious than I have anything else in my life. I plan on hanging around for quite awhile longer! I have three kids that I have to be here for as well as a husband that I have every intention on growing so very old with! I refuse to let this hold me back more than it already has. I am not allowed to do any heavy lifting for at least another six weeks. He won't even consider releasing me of that until I see him in five weeks, then we go from there. I have been feeling very light headed and faint lately which has caused me to take a break or just kneal down wherever this occurs. I have also been real cold and had chills at the oddest times. Dr. Gomez explained that this was alll normal because I lost so much blood and what blood I do have is incredibly thin. He is allowing me to pick back up to my routines such as taking care of the kids and house. Yet, whenever I start to feel at all weak or tired I have been told to stop and rest. Thankfully Kevin and the kids have picked up my slack... or better yet have told me to sit still and let them do everything. I really could not ask for a better family. They have all been awesome! Even Nicholas has been excellent with everything. He knows he cannot be held and always asks me if I am okay. It is so precious! The doctor reminded me that this recovery is going to take a minimum of three months, but I will slowly start to feel better. The bad part is not only am I trying to go through this recovery, but I am also trying to adjust to this menopause crap! And let me just tell you all, it really does suck! Hot flashes and night sweats are no joke, not to mention the emotional side of it all! I feel like an emotional rollar coaster at some points! It is crazy! I am just glad my life is slowly coming back together. Oh, and the best news of all, I do still have to watch out with my kidneys and stay very hydrated to avoid kidney failure later on. But, since they were able to get my kidneys functioning again within 24 hours of being in the hospital, I should not have any permanent damage. With that being said, nothing is promised. With everything that happened we are still not sure what the future holds from all of this. Whatever is in store, I will take head on and remain positive through it all. I am so very lucky to be here and plan on cherishing and enjoying life so much more than I already have.

Thank you everyone for the emails, comments, texts, calls, cards, and prayers! Keep the prayers coming because there is still so much ahead of us with this recovery!

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