Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Look Mom, It Works..."

Today I had to take the kids for an appointment for Nicholas, which was, as always, an adventure! While we were there Nicholas had to have his finger pricked for his iron test. Of course, he went crazy because he was bleeding. I won't lie, sometime those are more irritating that shots! I felt so bad for him. Nic is really great about holding either mine or Kevin's hand when we are about to walk through a parking lot, so today I didn't think it would be any different. Except, he made it clear that I was not holding his hand with the bandaid covered finger! He clearly told me, "No, not that hand Mom". Then, very nicely, he put his other hand out.

We got home a little later, unloaded some groceries, made them lunch, and just cleaned up a little. While I was cleaning the kitchen, Nic ran around the corner yelling, "Mom, look. Look Mom, it works again". Like any other person, I stopped what I was doing and started looking for what he was talking about that worked again. Honestly, I was looking for a toy or something. To my surprise, he was holding up his finger, telling me that his finger worked again! How cute is that? I asked him what worked, and he plainly stated his finger worked again. He was so excited that he could bend it without it hurting. I asked him if I could take the bandaid off, and without hesitation he said, "Yes Mom, see it works again." I love how easily amazed he is with the small things in life!

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