Friday, August 27, 2010

The Things Kids Say

I don't know why Kevin and I are ever surprised by something one of our kids may say in public anymore. Yet, it never fails for one of the three to say something that catches us off guard. So last week we were at Beaumont for me to meet with my PCM for a medication refill and Nicholas is the one that decided to draw attention to us. I was standing in line to talk with the receptionist when I hear Nic yell, "look, a pirate". And when I say yell, I mean everyone in this clinic could hear him! I looked to my right to see a man sitting with a black patch over one of his eyes. Of course, people laughed and found him cute. Okay, sure it was cute and funny but it was also a tad bit embarrassing! The man didn't say anything nor would he even look at us. What can we really do? Kids are very outspoken and never mean to draw attention or hurt someone. Leave it to Nic to draw a lot of attention!

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