Saturday, July 17, 2010

We Are Moving

The latest on our move....
Well, it turns out we will be about ten minutes from where we our currently living! Not too much of a change as we were hoping for! We found a house that we are very thrilled to be moving into the weekend of August 1. We completed our walk-thru yesterday, July 14. Everything went very smoothly, except I forgot the camera at home and had to take pictures from my cell phone. Seems to happen a lot lately! It will be great for all of us to get out of the apartment we are in now that we know we are staying at Fort Bliss a little longer.  Below are some pictures of the house we are moving into.

The outside... Though the grass is much greener now.

The backyard. (The grass in front is the same shade of green now)

Standing at the front door looking in. The living room, dining room, & some of the kitchen.
From the dining room wall. The rooms look a lot smaller than they actually are.
Kev in the kitchen. He wrote on the checklist since his writing is the smallest.
Kitchen again as well as some of the dining room. We are going to have to get bar stools!
Hall Bath
Stairs leading to Master
View from top of staircase at master bedroom
Master Bedroom, from entry
Our bathroom!
Our walk in closet. We also have a smaller one in the bedroom. This one is in the bathroom.
Toilet in it's own enclosed area.

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