Saturday, July 24, 2010

1st & 2nd Grade Awards

I know this update is LONG overdue, but in my defense, this has been a crazy summer already! I am trying to stay updated with things, but with kids home all day and my health the way it has been, there are times it just gets difficult!

Kevin and I were both able to attend the girls award day at school this past school year on June 3, 2010! It was very exciting to see their excitement as well as knowing they were both finishing up the school year and preparing for the next! Where has the time gone. It seems so unreal that Caitlin will be in second grade and Breanna in third. It still feels like yesterday we were faced with so many fears with Breanna and the pregnancy. So, for Kevin and I to see her here and so healthy only makes us realize exactly how blessed we truly are!

During Caitlin's award ceremony the children all sat on the story time carpet while Ms. Fox handed out awards. Of course we had Nic and he wanted to be apart of the action. He sat on the carpet with the kids and watched very quietly for the first part. Out of nowhere it was time for an award to be presented when Nic decided to stand up and shout "My turn. Nic's turn". Of course, what can anyone do besides laugh! The teacher had one of the helpers in her class grab an award that she could present to Nicholas. He was awarded for "PAWS-itive Behavior". Seemed fitting due to his positive attitude, clapping, and howling for the other children when they received theirs. And yes, I did say howling! ☺ He sat still while Breanna's teacher, Ms. Starkey, handed out awards. Though he did howl and clap! The kids got a kick out of this as well as the parents.

Caitlin's class was a short awards ceremony, which probably has to do with the grade. She was awarded:

Math Award for Math Completion

Reading Award for Outstanding Reading Ability

Ms. Starkey announced to the class that Breanna moved to the school in the middle of the school year, yet everyday she challenged the class with her knowledge. She could not get over how intelligent Breanna is at such a young age. She was an excellent student and leader. The awards she received (which was more than the other kids):

P.R.O. Award ~ People Respecting Others for showing courtesy, kindness, consideration, and respect for his/her fellow students and teachers.

Outstanding Student for being a hard worker

Mathematics Achievement Certificate

El Paso Independent School District Honor Roll Certificate

Readers Are Leaders

Certificate of Merit in recognition of outstanding achievement in Physical Education (x2)

Certificate of Progress (penmanship in the second grade. Has made notable progress in keeping correct position, using proper movement and doing legible writing in all written work)

She also received two medals as awards.

Throughout the last half of the school year Bre also received multiple awards for Student of the Week, Good Attitude Award, Certificate of Outstanding Performance and Super Reader.

(I am trying to load more pics, but the blog is not agreeing with me right now. I will add more as it allows me)