Sunday, August 21, 2011

"That is so Stupid..."

We are all way too familiar with the commercials that will bring a smile to our face or that we have no interest in. Yet, there are few commercials that will actually become worthy of us talking about once we see it, that stick in the back of our mind, or even better.... make us laugh!!!

With that being said, Kevin and I laugh every time we see one of the Hanes socks commercials. I am sure if you watch television, you have seen this cute and funny commercial. It's the one where the dad and son are standing in the living room dipping the little boys feet in paste because they need socks. The mom walks in with a look of anything other than being too surprised of their actions as she watches the paste dripping from the sons feet as the dad and son state that they are "just sick of it". All the mom can say at first is "That is so stupid" Kevin tells me all the time that would be the exact expression and statement I would have and make... Wonder why? Probably because it is something I have said or an expression I have carried as I have heard and seen the ludicrous things Kevin and Nic try to come up with. My guys are crazy! Haha. Yet, they keep everyday life very entertaining and full of smiles!

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