Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movie-Bumming Kind of Weekend

Lauren came into to town this past weekend!!!!!!!!!

On Friday, around lunchtime, I picked up one of my closest friends, Lauren from the airport and our weekend was started! We spent Friday evening looking at houses in the El Paso area, then headed home to get ready for a girls night out. We spent the evening out with Tasha and watching the newest Planet of the Apes movie that just came out. It was so much better than any of us expected. Following that, we all headed back to our house and crashed out for the night. Tasha has been staying with us as she waits to deploy sometime next week.

On Saturday we pretty much bummed it around the house and out in El Paso for a bit. We headed to the mall in search for Lauren a new hair straightener and some slippers (cute pink pig ones!), then we caught a matinee movie, The Change Up. Following the movie we decided to donate blood for a free movie pass and because it holds a special place with me after last year. United Blood had a donation bus in front of the theater. Let's just say that was not the best idea over the weekend! A little more than half way through, Lauren started to feel incredibly sick. Luckily she never passed out or anything. However, I did great through the donation and wonderful for the first almost fifteen minutes. Then out of nowhere, it all hit me and I started to slip in and out before finally fainting two times. No one understood why it took that long to hit me and were concerned with my medical issues. As you can see, that was by far the worst idea on my part! We did get to use our free movie passes that night and saw Friends with Benefits... not a good movie. We were let down after hearing from others how great and funny the movie was supposed to be. The Change Up, on the other hand, was awesome and very funny! It is a must see for most people. However, if you are easily offended with bad language, stay away from this one! Lauren and I witnessed an elderly woman that was by herself leave within the first ten minutes due to the vulgar language! Now, you can't say I didn't warn you! We were amazed that parents actually allowed their children to see this movie...with them!!!! It really made me question parenting styles. We loved the movie and spent a lot of time laughing!

Then came Sunday.... oh, how it came just a little too soon! The weekend seemed to fly by, but it was a much needed one for the both of us. I was sad to see Lauren leave, but am excited that we are planning another weekend fairly soon, for her to come back out!

Thank you Lauren for flying out here and spending the weekend with me! It was great to see you and I already miss you tons! Love you girl!

Crazy girl... Right before our movie!

Hanging out in the garage with Lauren and Tasha

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