Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Notice Anything?

Just the other day I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator just as I always do, in search of something to drink. As I was looking, something caught my attention that was mysteriously out of place on the shelf towards the bottom.....

Notice anything out of place?

As I stood there trying to figure out why in the world there was a water bottle that would belong to an animal in our refrigerator, the kids came in wanting something to eat. No surprise, but I completely forgot about the bottle as my attention was pulled in a different direction, closed the door, and made lunch.

Still, why was there a caged animals water bottle, filled with water, in the refrigerator door???

Later on in the day after I stumbled across the filled bottle, I managed to get lost in other things around the house when I heard someone messing around in the kitchen. When I walked around the corner, into the kitchen, this is what I found..................................

 Aha, now it all came to me on why we had an animal water bottle filled to the top, and keeping cold. Nicholas has discovered that he can successfully drink from this object. Now, should I be concerned? Had he been our first, then I am sure I would have been. Yet, with the things that I have seen from the other two, nothing really catches me too off guard. Still, what was he thinking? Over the next couple of days, we noticed no matter where we tried to hide this bottle, he would find it. Sadly enough, we would hear him drinking from this bottle and he sounded just like an animal would. Oh, and YES, the bottle is clean and has never been used, other than with Nicholas drinking out of it! 

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