Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Day Catch-up

We did it! We managed to survive the first week of school with children now in pre-k, third, and fourth grades! What a week of ups and downs it has been dealing with school, as well as my recovery!

The girls are riding the bus in the mornings as well as the afternoon, with Nic riding with them in the afternoon. His days are only half days this year. There is also a bus that comes through the neighborhood around eleven every morning to take the little ones in Pre-K to school. He thinks he is hot stuff this year! Every morning, Nic loads up on the pre-k bus he smiles tells me he loves me, gives me a hug and is off to school. My heart aches as he goes about the same routine every day. It aches because my baby is no longer a baby, he is getting bigger by the day. It leaves me wondering where the past four years have gone... How has time gone so quickly that he is now a pre-school child, full of energy, very talkative, and always into something? It seems like yesterday that I was on the phone with Kevin, trembling that he would be so upset, as I told him I was at the doctor and he instantly put it together. His response, "Are we?". Once I confirmed, that yes, we were having another baby, he was full of joy and pride. Complete opposite of what I had expected. It seems like yesterday that we were bringing our little man home and starting a new life with him. Now here we are, off to his exploring new things! Absolutely amazing!

The kids all have fantastic teachers...well, at least at this point. So far they seem to be great teachers. We all know how quickly that can change once everyone finds their comfort zones in school! Breanna is showing interest in everything this year is already showing. She loves her new teacher and the class that she is in. It looks as though she may be trying out for chorus in the upcoming weeks!  Caitlin is starting tutoring after school, two days a week in two weeks. We are very pleased the teacher has already showed such interest in her and her well being and are praying this school year is more successful than the ones in the past. Nicholas LOVES going to school, learning, and making new friends. He is already showing improvements in the learning department!

Kevin is recovering fabulously from his spinal surgery! The difference is quite amazing and it is obvious that he is feeling somewhat better. He can turn his head left and right without the grinding from before. As with everything, it is day to day. The pain is still there, but he can tell many changes. Just as we all can. Even in the way he stands, he no longer has the bump that he use to at the base of his neck area.

I saw the surgeon yesterday and am still on a limited list of things I can do. There really isn't much I can do. Since he removed my cervix, we now have to make sure I heal completely. The cervix holds organs in, since I no longer have it they had to close it all up (while inside, they stitched) in order to prevent the "fall out". The surgeon also went into more detail about things. The surgery last year really messed me up and left more complications, as stated in a post before this one. The part of the ovary that was left played a major factor in the pain and complications of this past year. It was the reason I had a constant pain up to the stabbing, doubled over feeling. This as well as the adhesion's and my cervix issues. He was in disbelief over exactly how bad I was and the complications that existed. I just feel incredibly lucky and blessed that I have an amazing surgeon and would recommend him to anyone! He listens, he cares, and he is dang good at what he does! Dr. Farnam walked into the exam room and the first thing out of his mouth is, "Hey! How is my problem child today?" We couldn't help but to smile over this! Apparently, I am one of the worst cases.... Hmmmm.... Not too surprised on that one! I am sure I will have more to say on this situation later next week once I have time to take things in a little more. I am doing well, as well as one can be with circumstances. I am officially in full blown surgical menopause... and let me just tell you all.... IT SUCKS!!!! Hot flashes are no joke! Overall, I am just incredibly thankful for the surgeon that I have and the amazing job that he did!

Thank you to all that have supported us and stayed by my side through the difficult and complicated time. I love each of you and am incredibly blessed to have you each in my life!

This little guy is just not use to such a busy day....