Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome Home Sweet Scarlette

If you have been following my blog over the past few months, then  you know that a friend of mine from high school had her baby at 25 weeks gestation. You also know of all the ups and downs, the tears of joys and fear, the way my heart ached for Kayla and her family and you also know the prayers that I have asked and begged for, as well as the ones that I have said.

Well, after five months and five days, I am VERY excited to announce.... SCARLETTE IS HOME!!!! Ka and Jeff have known for the past week that as long as all went well, she would be able to come home at some point this week. Kayla and Jeff were able to stay the night in NICU with her to learn all the details as far as the medical side goes. Little did they know that today would be the day that they would finally leave the NICU for the first time with their sweet, adorable, and strong baby girl, Scarlette.

There are no amount of words that could describe the emotions I feel and the pure relief just to know that Scarlette is now in her mothers arm for every waking cry, smile, feeding, diaper change, and everything. I cannot help but to cry as I think of all the times Ka has had to leave the hospital, head home, and sleep at night without her little one by her side. Now, those days are behind her and she can face the days a bit stronger and happier.

Congrats Kayla and Jeff and Welcome Home Scarlette!

All our love,
The Biddle Family

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