Tuesday, April 5, 2011

100 Facts, Part 3

Here we go again... 100 Facts About Me, Part 3. Part 4 will more than likely be done either tonight or tomorrow morning... So Stay Tuned!!! 

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51. If I could get away with wearing flip flops all year, I totally would.

52. I hate wearing socks and shoes that cover my feet.

53. I would love to move somewhere that is warm all year round; however, I know that will not happen in the near future.

54. My birthday falls on Mother’s Day every so often.

55. I have not even had one full (alcoholic) drink since October of last year in fear of going into kidney failure again.

56. Yet, I love wineries and still have my husband stop when we are near one.

57. Before I die, I want to go to Alaska and Italy for an extended vacation.

58. Every morning I start off by watching The Today Show… something I never thought I would watch.

59. I secretly love watching The Singing Bee with my daughters.

60. My husband and I are planning to renew our vows on our 10th Anniversary… That leaves me two years to plan. ♥

61. I think that chick fights are trashy. It shows a woman has no class.

62. I have found that people really do not stay in touch as they say they will when distance comes into play and I find that incredibly sad.

63. After I try for so long with friendships and get nothing in return, I walk away and move on.

64. I am very hesitant in giving a person multiple chances in my life.

65. My husband is the one person I can always and fully count on in life. He is truly my backbone.

66. I can’t stand when a person tries to give their opinion on things they know nothing about or the ones that think they know everything. It makes them look ugly.

67. I try to surround myself around positive people, because negativity eats at me.

68. I learned last year that kidney failure is SO much worse than labor could EVER be!

69. I adore my nephew who is four months old, yet have not had the opportunity to meet him.

70. I have met amazing people through blogging and websites!

71. It is nice to tell a friend that it is just “one of those days” and know they understand without further details.

72.  Whenever we go anywhere, I always over pack! I am terrible about adding too much in fear of not having enough.

73. I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters…only one brother being from the same set of parents.

74. I played the violin for a few years and can still pick it up to play… I kind of miss it at times.

75. I love music and feel there is a song for every situation out there. I tend to match songs to moods and situations.

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