Friday, September 24, 2010

A Week With Grannie.....Thank You

Abrams we saw on the rail while we were downtown. The kids loved this!

As many of you know, Kev's mom, Terri, came out to stay with us for a little over a week and left almost two weeks ago to head back to Georgia. We had a very enjoyable week with her being with us, the time spent was wonderful! Terri flew in to help me out around the house and with the kids. Let me just say, the help and just the simple fact of having her here was awesome! I could not have asked for a better week. The visit actually worked out well with Kev's schedule since he had a four day weekend for Labor Day. It gave him time to see his mom, which was great! We tried to get out of the house and walk around in random places in El Paso, trying to build my strength and energy back up. Plus, it was fantastic to be able to get out some. Over the weekend we all went downtown for about an hour and walked around, something Kevin and I have never had the opportunity to do. El Paso is so small compared to everywhere else we have been, lived, and grown up in! Nothing like Atlanta! Lol.

 On the Thursday that she was here, the two of us took Nicholas to the zoo. It was real cool to see him and his actions that day. Him having the whole day out without the girls is something he is not at all use to and he took it all in! We learned that one of the elephants at the zoo is actually retired from the Ringling Brothers, so that was pretty neat to see her and watch the zookeepers in action. 

As always, the kids ended up being totally spoiled by Grannie! They are so thankful for everything! The girls absolutely hated the fact they had to go to school for five of the days she was here. So, out zoo trip has been kept a secret! Good things they don't read this yet! 

When Saturday rolled around we all went to McDonalds to eat before we had to take Terri back to the airport. It was a sad day, no one wanted her to leave! Hopefully it won't be a year or so before we are all able to see her again!

The only part I am upset about for the time Terri was here..... We didn't take more pictures! We both kept forgetting we had the camera with us. Next time we have to take a ton! ☺

Terri, thank you so much for your help while you were here! I cannot tell you what that meant to me and what your continuing support means. I had such an amazing week and loved all of our talks. It made me feel more of a closeness to you, and that means the world to me! I could not have asked for a better family than what I have been blessed with when it comes to you and David. Thank you! I cannot wait for the next time we are able to see you! We all love you so much. 

 Caitlin before school

This moment was awesome! Kevin kept messing with the kids and Terri asked them if he should go to the corner. Nicholas said no, but the girls were quick to jump on it! So as a joke he walked and stood there for like two seconds. Luckily I was able to capture the moment! 

The kids being crazy in the backyard! Caitlin was on the tricycle with Nicholas hanging on to the back

Overlooking downtown El Paso from Scenic  

Overlooking West El Paso from Transmountain

Zoo Pics Below

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