Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh My Goodness..... It Actually Rained!

What else can I say, besides I LOVE when it is cloudy and rains here! Why, you may ask? Easy enough, because that RARELY happens in El Paso! Yesterday it started to storm in the early morning hours and stayed very cloudy and rainy until late afternoon. I had to go to Bliss to handle some things, as well as the company FRG, the picture below was taken when I was at a traffic light on my way home. (For those of y'all that know the area I was on Transmountain. I was taking the mountain to get home in place of the interstate). On the way to post, my vision was very limited to what was in front of me because of how thick the fog was. However, I was still very excited over the weather! Just wanted to share my excitement!

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