Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talkative Tuesday

What a busy day today seemed to be! However, it was an AWESOME one to say the least! 

I started of my day with a pretty irritating wake up... The neighbors puppy once again whined and barked all night! Past that, I got up and got my day started at about 430 this morning, right as Kev was getting up and ready for work. Around 730 or so, I was able to play catch up with a great friend of mine for a couple of hours. We talked off and on on the phone. It is always so nice to talk to someone that can relate to what I have been through and am still going through, both with the home life, health, as well as Army and kids. *** Thank you so much Carla. I cannot tell you how much talking to you today means to me. We definitely have to make a better habit out of it and not wait so long! Lol.***

Following the much needed chat time, I then got ready for a doctors appointment I had. One with Dr. Gomez. He is the surgeon that saved my life at Providence. We had to go in to find out my blood levels and see where my anemia is, in hopes of no longer needing to have the blood transfusion. Our prayers we answered today! Turns out all the meds I have been taking for the past six weeks have worked! My hemoglobin and other levels are working their way back up! Thank you God! I cannot be any happier over this. 

From there we just hung out at the house with the kids for the most part. Kevin had some work he had to do from home, so he has been somewhat occupied with that. Nicholas ended up with a busted lip tonight. Two hours after the injury, his lip is still swollen and bruised. He was playing outside and somehow fell over a truck. Ended up beating himself up pretty bad, but he is okay. The funny part was before bedtime I asked him to let me see his lip. I turned for a brief moment in order to turn the lamp on so I could see better. When I turned back around to look at him he was almost in my face with his lips puckered out. Truthfully, he looked like a duck with his huge, busted lip! Poor kid! We gave him some motrin to try to ease the pain some. I do believe it worked for the most part. 

Hope everyone is having a nice beginning of the week! I know we are looking forward to humpday tomorrow since it symbolizes the weekend is just around the corner!

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