Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another Battle We Will Beat

About two weeks ago we were hit with some unsettling news..... Kevin went into the dermatologist for some spots that were showing on his face. These spots have been popping up since he returned from Iraq in December of 2007. In one area he was starting to become real sensitive to the touch, which became pretty alarming. On his way home from the dermatologist he called me and in his tone I could tell something just wasn't right, which led me to worry. At that point he went on to tell me that he has skin cancer. They type he has is the second most common form and the slowest form in growth. He has Squamous Cell Carcinoma. He also informed me that he would be undergoing Topical Chemo, followed by the laser if the chemo didn't kill it all. This was all on a Tuesday afternoon. The doctors explained to him that it looks to be only skin deep, which is a great sign, so treatment should be no problem at all. The treatment should put him into remission. Wow, just the fact that my husband, the love of my life, has cancer and we are looking into remission is something that is difficult to say and write. It breaks me up inside to feel this kind of helplessness.

They were able to get Kev in very quick for the chemo treatment. He went in the Friday afternoon following the dermatologist appointment. The applied the topical chemo ointment to his entire face, excluding his eyes and mouth. They also applied it to his ears. Before this, the docs informed us this was the best treatment because over 80% of his face had the cancer and precancerous cells. Also, this treatment is 93% effective, where as others are still in the 80's if not lower. Once the ointment was applied, Kevin had to sit for about an hour as it soaked into his face. Following that hour, they put him under a light for about twenty minutes in order to activate the topical chemo. His face was bright red when he arrived home that afternoon. He was sensitive to heat, sun, cell phones, and computers for almost a week. The rays put off from cell phones and computers are what cause the sensitivity. He looked like he had an extreme sunburn. By late Monday his chin started to peel and flake off, then by Tuesday the remainder of his face did. The way it works is, the ointment only effects the cells that have the cancer in it. Therefore, only those areas peel and flake off. I keep praying this treatment took care of everything, though we won't know for certain until he goes back in. They will call when it is time, so no we have no answers as of now. As soon as we do know we will gladly update it on here. Please be patient, as we are having to do the same thing. The great news is, his face looks so much better! It is more clear with only a couple small spots remaining, which could still disappear before he goes in. They said it will take a couple of weeks. Right now we are at the end of week one and there is already such an amazing, noticeable difference. If there is any left, he will be put under the laser for removal. Kevin has said his face feels a lot better and the spot that was real sensitive before, is no longer an issue!

Thank God this was caught at a good time!

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  1. Girl, if anyone can overcomb all this, its your family.
    You are always in my thoughts girl