Thursday, February 18, 2010

Starting Him Young

On the way to see Kevin at work, I stopped for a coffee. I decided to stop at Starbucks since it is easier to go through a drive thru with Nic other than getting out and keeping him with me while in a gas station. Okay, well that and the fact that I LOVE Starbucks but limit myself to only stopping there every so often. As soon as we pulled up to order, Nic started telling me he wanted a drink so I decided to get him a chocolate milk. How cute is he with his little Starbuck's coffee cup in hand? The girls are the same way whenever they so much as see a Starbucks. They instantly want a chocolate milk from there! I always tell them we will get chocolate milk at the grocery store only to hear, "Mom, that's not the same. They have that whipped cream stuff on top there that's so good"... Guess we are starting them all out young....

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