Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh-so-sweet Sisterly Love

Sweet, sweet sisterly love! Ha, we only wish! It seemed the only things the girl wanted to do tonight was fight and argue. It was nonstop all evening! As far as punishment goes, we tried the corner, we spanked them, we made them write pages of different sentences of things they would no do... None of these worked tonight for some reason! Then, it hit us, do what we did awhile back that made them finally listen... Make them stand in front of us hugging each other! Of course it did not bother Caitlin like it did Breanna. Caitlin was just fine hugging on Bre, which of course made Bre even more mad at the world than she already was! By the end of this, they were both so upset with us that they forgot they were ever mad with each other! I guess to sum it all up, our punishment worked!

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