Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Phone Lover...

Now that Nic has discovered that he can talk more, he LOVES to talk on the phone when given the oppurtunity! Britt was talking to her Mom while we were driving to Deming, NM when Nic yelled out, "Ma, I talk to Maw Maw". It was so cute! Not sure what all he told her since his vocabulary is still limited. Of course he talked about his cars and spiderman! Both of his favorite things! Nic is really putting things together and speaking in sentences at times. He understands most of what we say and answers now with either "yes", "no", or "no not". He also says thank you, welcome, and sorry when the time is right. For Spiderman, he says "piderman", so cute! When we are out he likes to say "mommy/daddy, see that?" or "you see?". He repeats almost everything as well now. We are just very thankful that the surgery from last summer was a success. It is great to know he can hear and is talking... and he talks a lot! Wonder where he gets it from?

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