Sunday, February 7, 2010

Out & About in El Paso

After spending most of the day at home today, we decided we all wanted to just get out. As we did yesterday, we just got in the truck and started driving. This time, staying in the area we live in! We started out by going to Sunland Racetrack & Casino to see the horses they have. We stopped at the stables across the street from the Casino and let the girls pet the horses. We have done this before and for the most part, the horses are all very friendly. Breanna and Caitlin fed them carrots and laughed the entire time! It was cute.

Following that we turned down a road that we have never been on before out here. One of the highways. We ended up at some historical land marks as well as the border. It was pretty neat! We were able to get right up to the new border fence they are putting up and able to see the Rio Grande from where we stood. As you can see from the pictures, there was a point that Kev and I were each on one side of the fence! We saw Mexicans playing in the Rio Grande... in our opinion it was a little too chilly to even consider that one! Not to mention there is no part of us that wanted to get in that anyways! Lol. We were able to get some pretty cool pictures of Mexico being as close as we were.

We drove through downtown and found a couple museums we want to eventually check out. Maybe in a few weeks we can! Driving home we saw some houses that we wanted to get a closer view of up on the Mountain tops. We drove up there and were able to get an amazing view of El Paso and Mexico. I bet it would be a very pretty view at night with all the lights! Something to check out later on.

After our driving we walked through Pier 1 just for fun then headed home to cook dinner.

By the end of the evening we were all exhausted and the kids were arguing over everything. It was a busy weekend for them!

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