Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Ride to the Front

We spent the afternoon going from one room to another in the Barracks, preparing for the single soldiers of 4/6 INF of 1/1 AD to finally start coming home from Iraq! *Very exciting to know this deployment is finally coming to an end!* We made pulled plastic off mattress, made beds and made sure each room had bottled water, sodas and snacks for the guys that would be in these rooms. Once you walked through the door there a living area, a bathroom and kitchen, along with two bedrooms. The brand new barracks have been built over the past two years and will be used for the first time by the guys returning from the deployment. When they left they were in trailers, now they return to such a better living area! Once we pulled the plastic off who knows how many mattresses, we started to walk back to the front. Nic decided he was tired of walking (it was way past naptime!) and decided to hop on to the plastic that Kev and Bre were dragging. This is how he made it to the front.

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