Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Out with the Old...

As many of you know, our weekend was a bit on the rough side with Kevin's F-250 ending up in the shop. We had to pull into an empty parking lot right outside of Stone Mountain on Saturday while on the way to my Dad's house due to the truck making odd noises and then locking up while Kevin was driving. We jacked the truck up and took the wheel off to find that his bearings were completely warped and there was absolutely NO way we could drive it any further without seriously risking his wheel falling off while in route. Now, we all know that would have been more than terrible had it happened! So, we did what anyone else would do... We called the dealership down the street to let them know of the issue (after Thanking God that we hold enough common sense to put extended warranties on all of our vehicles), then we called a towing company to have us towed to the dealership.

Thankfully, my dad doesn't live too terribly far from where we were and was able to meet us in the parking lot while we waited. Him and Josh, my brother showed up in Josh's truck, with Barb following in her van. We all waited for the tow truck and spent time chatting. When the truck arrived, we all watched as it loaded our F-250, then Barb took the kids to their house and the rest of us headed to the dealership.

Once we arrived at the dealership, the guys quickly dispersed to the lot to look at new F-150's while I handled the issues with our truck and World Ford's Service Department. Thank you to Key for helping us and getting everything set up with NO issues! After a few minutes, Josh and I had to rush over to Enterprise to pick up our rental car while Kevin and Dad kept looking at the nice and pretty new trucks. Before leaving them, I told Kevin "We are NOT buying a new truck!!!". Now, please keep that in mind for later while reading this... I even told my dad and the salesman, Jody that in no way were we in the market for a new vehicle at this time because we are focusing on other things going on in our near future.

Once at Enterprise, we were put into a Chevrolet Impala as our rental car and we honestly HATED this thing while we had it. It was great on gas and did have power, but was the most uncomfortable car with very limited room! Luckily, we were only in this vehicle for just a few days.

Now, here comes the bad news...or I guess you could say good news that was given to us in an undisguised blessing type way. On Monday, we received news about our truck that led us to make some pretty quick decisions. The bearings were in fact shot and damages were covered under the extended warranty. However, there were a few other issues that were not covered under the warranty and would cost us a few thousand dollars that we simply do not have right now for the repairs. So, this is where I ate my words... After a lot of talking back and forth, we had Jody run numbers for us this morning...on a new F-150!!!

Yes, we ended up trading our F-250 that we have loved so much this past year in on a 2013 F-150 thanks to Jody Sexton and George Figueroa with World Ford Stone Mountain! Family and friends in that area, if you are in the market for a Ford, please head on over to World Ford and ask for Jody Sexton! I simply encourage you to check them out! The customer service is outstanding! Every single person there worked hard to make the deal from today go through as it did and found awesome interest rates for us! We could not be any happier or pleased as we are with Ford!

Kevin drove the truck back to Macon and absolutely LOVED it! It was so quiet driving and easy to drive throughout traffic across the Atlanta area. The interior is nice (I love the color scheme!) and the options that are included in truck are great! We are so excited that compared to the F-250, it will cost less to fill this truck up, give us more miles to the tank of gas, way less expensive oil changes, inexpensive tires, and the overall upkeep will cost us less now. Overall, we are very pleased with our decision to trade and so thrilled with Kevin's new truck! It was so good to see him happy with this decision and to see it work out as it did for him and us. Thank you to everyone at World Ford!!! We are more than pleased with this experience and will be doing business with you in the future!

This was just the beginning of our crazy and exciting day that was full of changes...

Last night, Kevin and I started talking more about my truck and the fact that with so many miles on it and all the driving that I now do, I am getting to the point of being in the market for a new vehicle myself. I needed something more dependable for my daily driver that came with a good warranty. After going back and forth, weighing options, I started to talk to our friend, Danny Gillian that works over at Butler Toyota in Macon to see what we would qualify for. NEVER did I think we would be matched with my now NEW CAR!!!

Goodbye Nissan (I am truly sad to see my xTerra go...), you have been an amazing SUV...

But, I am super excited about my new car!!!

Hello, Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE!!!

We have bought new cars in the past, but they have always been more towards the base line vehicles. For the first time EVER, I have a loaded car, equipped with a sunroof and navigation! YAY! I am on top of the world tonight, so much so that I almost broke into tears. Well, between this and the anxiety over the whole anxiety attack that occurred. Thank you so much, Kendra for talking me through this craziness tonight and helping to calm me down! This of course, is also a Happy Birthday, Brittney "gift" and it's one that I LOVE!!! I am amazed with all of the features that come with this car and can't wait for tomorrow when I meet with Danny to learn more about my car!

My car is perfect and I am so thankful to have all that I have been blessed with. I am also very blessed and lucky to have the husband I do that wanted to not only get me into a new car, but to get me into the one that I wanted without simply settling as we have done on past vehicles! Never, did I think I would actually like a Camry, but I love it and cannot wait to drive it more! Oh, and when we were driving it tonight, we noticed it will get almost 700 miles a tank of gas! 700 miles, people!!! That is almost double from what my xTerra and his F-250 were getting! Simply amazing!

Speaking of Danny, thank you so much! It's so hard to find a good dealership now and even harder to find an outstanding one! Today we lucked out with two outstanding dealerships! Thank you so much to Danny Gillian and Troy Stephens R for making this deal go through! You guys simply amazed me with the way you worked this deal and how quickly you made things happen! The customer service was amazing as was everything about this whole process. Even though we made it there literally at closing time, they all stayed late to make sure this deal went through, have my Camry detailed, and even filled it up! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication!

Today was an amazing day, even though it did in fact add more to our bills, lol. The outcome of our new vehicles is that they will pay for themselves with the money we save in gas and upkeep.

Thank you Kevin for taking me to the Toyota dealership tonight!

If you are looking for a new Ford in the Stone Mountain area, give Jody Sexton a call at 678.344.3300 or if you are looking for a new Toyota, please call Danny Gillian at 800.706.0600

Tell them we sent you! (No, there is no referral plan)


  1. I am so happy for you and Kevin! So glad I could calm your nerves and make you laugh. You both deserve this and so much more! I think you should come to FL and take me for a spin. I love you!

    1. Thank you so much! I am still in shock that we bought them! lol! You know, there is even a bigger chance in us coming out that way now and of course I will take you for a spin!!! I miss you and love you!!! Thanks for being you!!!