Monday, May 20, 2013

Nic's First Braves Game

If you know me well, then you know I absolutely LOVE the Atlanta Braves and have a fabulous time attending games! Lucky for me, Nicholas had a blast watching the Braves win a game in early April against the Cubs. The best part of the game was seeing Nic's face light up with a huge smile at the homerun that was hit!

We started the day off greeting the Budweiser Clydesdale's on the street in front of the stadium. Nic was in awe at seeing the horses and stood in front for his photo opportunity.

Once we entered Turner Field, Nic was in total amazement at everything going on around him. As we walked around (because he wanted to see it all), he spotted the batting and pitching cages. which of course he had to take part in. At first, when he was holding the bat it was ALL wrong, so before I could say anything, a kind man standing with his grandson helped Nic bat the right way. After two swings, he was able to hit a ball and did pretty good. He LOVED being able to pitch more than batting.

There was a lady next to the pitching cage that was painting faces, or arms in Nic's case, by airbrush. Nic became excited and wanted a tomahawk painted on his arm...but only if I would have my face painted. So, after his arm was painted I had to get an A painted on my face. Both turned out really good!

Throughout the game, Nic and I took pictures and even had some taken together thanks to the nice people around us that offered to take our photo. Nic was full of laughter and excitement throughout it all. He kept his glove on the whole time in hopes of catching a ball, which sadly didn't happen. He yelled and smiled during the wave and of course when the Home Depot tools raced to the finish line that was right in front of us.

Once the game was over, kids from all over lined up in one of two lines so they could run the bases!!! Since Nicholas became a Kids Club Member for his birthday, he was able to line up with the first group full of Kids Club Members and run the bases! It was a bit chaotic, but a ton of fun for the little ones! Nic ran the bases and was rewarded with a t-shirt and certificate! Once he was back with me, he smiled and smiled and told me how "cool" it was to run the bases.

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This outing was needed for me and Nic. We needed time away and a day out with just the two of us. Of course, we barely made it to the interstate when I heard snoring from the backseat. The heat and sun wore the little man of the house out!!! He slept almost all the way home. For those of you that don't know, that was over an hour and a half of sleeping! We all heard about how much fun he had for days...Okay, so we are STILL hearing about it and how he cannot wait to attend another game!

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