Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Break in Mena & Easter in Macon

I know I am soooooo behind on my updates on here and I don't have much of an excuse other than I have been super busy and trying to figure things out in our lives. No worries though, all is well with the Biddle Family!

The last week of March was Spring Break for the kids and it was a BUSY week for all of us! On Friday, as soon as the kids were home from school we spent time packing for our trip to Arkansas and getting ready for Nic's 6th birthday party!!! It is still so hard to believe our little man is now 6! Time sure has flown by. Nic's party took place on a Saturday and following it, Kevin took a 5 hour nap before we all loaded up in the truck and headed to Mena, AR!

The drive from our house until we reached the outskirts of Memphis was hell! It stormed the entire time, slowing us down and at one point with us having to stop on I-20 before we reached Birmingham. Due to the high winds, a tree fell into the middle of the interstate causing a tour bus to lost their windshield and a car to end up totaled. We pulled over for the car to make sure they were okay and found two young women on their way to visit family, pretty shaken up. Kevin got out to check on them at first, then called 911 to let them know what was going on and to get assistance out before someone was seriously injured or a major wreck occurred. The tree scratched the entire drivers side of our truck when we hit it, luckily we were in the right lane, so we didn't have terrible damage or worse...flip.

The kids slept through most of the drive...the perks of driving through the night! Excitement struck as soon as we crossed the bridge and saw the Welcome to Arkansas sign, then again in Hot Springs and as we came to the Welcome to Mena sign. It almost felt like we were home...

As you can see, at one point they were sleeping nicely - then the next the girls were fighting... 

Nic was so excited to see Bailey and as always, the two of them stayed side by side whenever we were at Aunt Jeanette's house. It is so cute to see these two together. They run and play, then lounge around and sleep side by side. Nic adores her as much as she does him. Even at night, she decided she needed to sleep right at Nic's side!


During the week, we spent time with Grandmama, Aunt Jeanette, Leah, Don, Nita and the Philpots...which made the whole week absolutely amazing and of course has left us longing for more time with each of them! We had an amazing week in Mena and cannot wait to get back. The week flew by us a bit too quickly!

Towards the end of the week, Breanna and I decided we wanted to shoot my .380 and lucky for us, we were able to do so at Don and Nita's house on the back part of their property. Bre did AMAZING shooting!!! I must say, she takes after her mom...a total natural! Kevin wasn't thrilled about being around my gun, but he managed to keep "calm" while around Bre and Aunt Jeanette. He even found a bit of patience with them both in teaching them the right way to shoot. Of course, as soon as it was over and he could get away from my pistol, he was out of there! We can't thank him enough for teaching Bre and Aunt Jeanette how to shoot! This was also Aunt Jeanette's first time shooting and she did great!!! It was so much fun watching her and Bre shoot!

 Our last day in Mena was an emotional day for each of us...we were all so sad to see the week come to an end and to head back to Georgia. Nic and Caitlin loved on Bailey until we almost had to pry them off of her. I'm sure she loved it though. We took photos with Aunt Jeanette and Grandmama. I know I was trying my hardest to contain the tears as we were saying our "Goodbyes". I hate leaving those two, as does Kevin, Breanna, Caitlin, and Nicholas. I can honestly say that Aunt Jeanette and Grandmama are two of the most amazing woman we have in our lives and we are so blessed to have them! We sure do miss them now and cannot wait to see them sometime soon!

Since we knew we wouldn't get home until very early Easter morning, we let the kids have an egg hunt on Friday afternoon before we all ate dinner at Don and Nita's house...of course, they had a blast! We left Mena a little after lunch time on the Saturday before Easter and started to make our way back to GA. In the couple hours we were able to sleep, the Easter Bunny stopped by and left goodies in the kids Easter "Baskets". Each one received a cute piggy bank and a basket full of things that they loved!

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