Saturday, November 10, 2012

One Year Ago

On this day one year ago, Kevin put on his uniform for the last time. We spent the day on Fort Bliss for the last time and we bid farewell to the army life that had molded us into who we are today. We left post with a mixture of emotions as we knew that was it and in two months Kevin would officially be medically retired.

One year later we have learned so much in life and have come face to face with so many decisions. We miss the military and the bonds of the army. It has been a hard transition and it is one that is still taking place. The civilian life is much more difficult to transition into than we ever imagine we find it hard at times to fall into the routine of most and struggle with the lack of discipline and structure that society carries.

The past couple months have left us reminiscing over how the army life was and has left me personally a bit angry with what deployment did to Kevin. War changed him mentally and physically. In return deployments and war changed our family.

It is so hard to believe that one year has passed since Kevin last woke up and slipped into his ACU's and tied up his combat boots. In a serene way it still feels surreal. Tears still come and go as we think about the past and reminisce of what use to be, but smiles and love are shared through it all as we realize how blessed we are for Kevin to still be here with us and for the many years we still have ahead of us.

Life may not always go as we hope and plan, and typically it strays from both, but what you make of what you are given is what matters in the end.


  1. I've done the transition from Army Wife to civilian once before and I can honestly say I'm not ready to do it again. The closeness of other spouses understanding what you are going through just isn't there in the civilian sector.

    1. It really isn't. I miss the army life and the women that "get it".