Sunday, November 11, 2012

Help a Combat Veterans Family

A (Combat) Veteran family in Jacksonville, NC lost everything in a house fire recently and has now found housing. However, they are starting over *from scratch*. The family is currently sleeping on foam pads from the camper they have been living in since they lost their home in a fire a few months ago.

Now is our chance to help this family out! You can do so by shopping Thirty-One! I have set up an event to help this family in their time of need!

All commissions from purchases made off of this event will be sent to this family! Please help us spread the word and help us send a generous amount to a veteran and their family at a time in need. 
Let's help to make their holidays extra special in a house they want to turn into a home!

This event is set to end on November 18 at 8 PM

Please shop directly at this link:

Please feel free to join the Facebook Event page at:

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