Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bre's Birthday Photo's

I know, I know - I was suppose to share photos from Bre's birthday party more than a week ago! What can I say? It's been a bit chaotic around here and I have some MAJOR catching up to do!

You can read about Breanna's Birthday Party by clicking HERE.

Me and Whitney

Bre's bday cake she decorated

Bre and her close friends from school

Bre and my sister, her aunt, cutting the cookie cake - that tasted very yummy!

Bre with her Grandpa's

Bre with all the grandparents
Bre with her grandma's
Nic and Gavin

Me with my nephew, Gavin
Dustin playing on Bre's bike
Dustin "jumping" on Bre's bike
Kev and our nephew, Mateo
Kev and Mateo

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  1. Lovely photos. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday.