Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow in Mena

Last Sunday we fell asleep to a cold front that decided to grace us with its presence and woke to snow covered grounds. There was *maybe* an inch, if that covering Mena, but it was enough for not only the kids, but also Rylie, to have a blast playing in! The girls made snowballs and would throw them across the yard and fall into a fit of giggles as they watched Rylie gracefully just pounce across the yard. I am not sure which one of our girls had more fun during this time!

Nicholas enjoyed the snow as well, just not as much as the Breanna and Caitlin. Of course, at first the girls found more excitement in the fact schools were closed due to inclement weather. Kevin and I on the other hand did not share their same excitement! I am sure that had to do with it being Monday and the girls acting up some over the weekend! School is always a welcoming thing when the weekends are a bit rocky. In the end, our day turned out pretty good, the kids had a blast and once the cold weather was a too much, some yummy marshmallow topped hot chocolate warmed their little bodies up! Rylie slept well that night from being worn out from all the playing and Kevin and I enjoyed the white covered yards.

Maybe before the winter is over we will see more snow than the tease we received last week!

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