Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Friends

Yes, I know I have not been the best at updating lately! I am not sure what in the world has gotten into me and my lack of adding photos and our latest happenings the past couple of months. Then again, in my defense...things have been NONSTOP since moving to Mena! Between doctors appointments, the VA (which means driving from Mena to North Little Rock - 3 hours one way), kids, school, FOV, and just plain life, we have not had much down time at all.

Today was another VA day. Kev had an consultation with the Physical Therapist to see if therapy on his neck is needed and it's not at this time. His lower back has been causing a sufficient amount of pain, so they are discussing if PT is needed and if it is what will be done. Due to other injuries, they can't put Kev on the same exercises and things that they would people without the spinal and nerve damage. He is pretty limited to things he can do physically.

On the drive out, Kev's back was really bothering him, so we had to stop around the halfway point in order for him to get out and walk around. We stopped off at an area overlooking a pasture, then on to a pretty view of the mountains.

This past Saturday, we had to spend the day in North Little Rock at the VA for a C&P (Compensation and Pension) appointment. I think there is maybe one more appointment for these and we will be past Kev's C&P days for awhile. We can hope, right? On the way home from this one we stopped to fill the truck up and grab a drink. As I walked out of the gas station, I noticed Nic following a Benton City Police Officer...One of which he definitely made buddies with...


  1. I was just reading through a few of your posts, and you certainly do seem like you've been through a lot lately! I'm a new follower from Blogoholics. I was also reading about your involvement in the Family of a Vet, which I am going to go check out now. My Dad is a vet, so I have a great respect and warm place in my heart for military families. Please thank your husband for all he has done and know we appreciate your sacrifice as well. Love your blog and stay positive!

    1. Thank you so much for following and for taking the time to comment! I am now following you - and LOVE your blog! Thank you to your dad for his time in the service, as well as you and your family for standing beside him.