Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's About That Time Again...

The time to celebrate Breanna's birthday has just about arrived! In all seriousness, where does the time go? How is she already almost nine? This really makes me want to cry. It seems like yesterday we were finding out she was on the way, going through one roller coaster of a pregnancy, spending over fifteen weeks just praying she would make it here alive, then to have a preemie with medical problems the first few years.... Now she is the amazingly smart nine year old. She's growing way to quickly for my liking and a little to fast for me to be able to take it all in. It just crushes me to see how much she has grown and the things she talks to us about. I miss my baby.

She has made the decision that her birthday theme this year is going to be The Twilight Saga. Yes, you read right. Our precious nine year old adores Twilight, to the point she has even told me Jacob is hot!!! What is that about? Isn't that supposed to come later in age, not at nine? Bre and I went to opening night of Eclipse... well, okay, we sat through the first two movies at the theater before being able to see Eclipse. When I say we were there from 5pm until after three in the morning, I am not at all leading you on! She sat through all three movies like a champ! We had a great time together. So, yes, we have agreed to let her have her birthday party in the Twilight theme.

Her party will be at our house on October 30, 2010 at 2:30.

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