Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday, Breanna!

I am more and more amazed that our little girl is now nine! It is just hard to believe and hard to take it! Really, where has the time gone? I feel like it was yesterday that I was in and out of L&D in preterm labor, just begging God to let my baby live! It doesn't seem that long ago when we had doctors telling us their goal was for us to make it to 27 weeks gestation, and somehow we made it to right under 35 weeks. Yes, we had a tiny preemie baby, but she was with us. She made it. We fought like hell, but we wouldn't change a thing. It has been an amazing nine years, with plenty of ups and downs with her asthma. But, overall, she is healthy and such an active kid with an outrageous imagination! Kevin and I have truly been blessed with her, as well as our other two. To this day, we all consider her our miracle baby. There is no other way to put it!
Nic jumped on Bre yelling "Happy Birthday Bre"... Way too cute!


  1. did you say that bre now has a cell phone . omg , what is the world coming to , lol Harley

  2. Lol...yes, she does! She is now at the age that her and her friends love to stay at each other's houses.... Also, it seems that all of her friends only have cell phones in their houses now. I guess home phones are overrated! Lol. I go insane not being able to keep tabs on her and hate that she doesn't have a constant way to call me or would have to wake someone up to call. So far she is doing great with it.... except for her and her friends always texting each other now! What is up with that?