Sunday, February 10, 2013

Celebrating Diversity Among Americans

Last week, Breanna poured herself into an essay in regards to diversity and placded 3rd out of over 30 essays turned in. The following day, we attended her school's night at Barnes & Noble, which each grade had students take part in, whether it was speaking, skits, dancing, or singing. Breanna, bravely stepped in front of the crowd and read her essay. To say we are proud of her is a huge understatement. 

Below is her essay:

Good evening. My name is Breanna Biddle and I am here to talk about Celebrating Diversity Among Americans.

Diversity helps us live the way we do today. Without it, our world might be crazy and we might be separate from blacks, whites, Hispanics and all types of other people.

When a white and black are friends, they will learn from each other. Let's say your friends with a hispanic and he/she teaches you a part of their life, maybe they will teach you about cooking or their language. Knowing me, I have been all around the world, like Germany, El Paso, TX, Arkansas, and Paris, France. Since I have been all around the world, I know a little German and Spanish. I have so many friends that are black, hispanic, white, and Puerto Rican. Knowing different people, they may want you to be like them or start doing a couple things like they do. Having a different friend is good for you.

There is this one friend I have to tell you about and her name is Mrs. Glenda and she is from Puerto Rico. One time she came over to our house with her family to spend the night. For dinner she made a really good meal for us. It was different from American foods because it was something she learned in Germany. Having different people in your life as friends is good for you. Without them, you will never know what it is like where they are from or what they eat and do.

The reason our world is the way it is today is because people a long time ago were separate from each other and nobody liked that. Awhile back, this world didn't have diversity. A bunch of people tried to have diversity. Think of Martin Luther King Jr and Abraham Lincoln. They both tried to free people and bring all types of people together to become friends. You could thank both of them if you have a friend who is different from you.

Diversity is a big thing and without it, people would not have the friends they do now.

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