Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update Tomorrow!

I had full intentions in updating with photos and holiday details the first week of this month, but to be honest this first week has been hell. 2013 has not had a good start and I can only hope this is not an indication of the year. I need something good to happen, soon!

On January 4th, I found out that someone I know passed away on Christmas Eve. She left behind two little girls, 1 and 8. Her fiancée lost his battle to PTSD in 2011, leaving her struggling with her on battles. Needless to say, none of us have any information on the details of her death. Jessie touched so many of our lives in the short time we were all blessed o have her in it.

A few days after her passing, I received the tragic news that a good friend of mine in high school, one that I stayed friends with, was in a car wreck that took his life. My heart broke when I found out about Brian's passing. Honestly, it doesn't seem real. I've cried and cried over his death. My heart breaks for his parents and brother. What they are going through is the unimaginable. Right now, I can't even find the words for the way I feel. All I can do is pray for his family and all of us, his friends, that will miss him deeply. So many of my fondest memories in high school have Brian. Even today, I can't help but to smile when I think back to those days. Brian was always a true friend that each of us were so lucky to have in our lives.

Tomorrow I will do my best to update with photos from the holidays and write of our trips and excitement! I must add, the kids did more this past Christmas than ever before!

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