Monday, December 17, 2012

Making Bath Salts

Recently I discovered my absolute love for relaxing in a hot bath with the oils and aroma of the bath salts easing the chaos of my day. After spending money over and over again on these, I decided I would attempt to make my own - not knowing what in the world I was about to get into. Now, my family love it - immediate and extended and the girls and I have a great time making it!

Ladies (and men), this is SUPER easy to do!

4 cups Epsom Salts
1 cup course ground sea salt
2 teaspoons glycerin (skin protectant and can be found at Wal-Mart next to band-aids in the pharmacy area)
1-2 cups baking soda
1.5 cups ground (powdered) oatmeal

Optional Additives:
Food Coloring - amount of drops depends on the color desire you are looking for. I have found that food coloring works the best when dying salts
Essential/Aromatherapy Oils - amount of drops depends on the strength of the scent you are wanting
Dried flowers or herbs - again, this is optional and depends on your wants

Using a plastic or wood bowl will absorb ingredients and scent, so make sure to use a glass (or metal) bowl when mixing and store in glass containers. I mix all of the main ingredients together first, making sure they are all mixed together. Make sure there are no clumps before proceeding.  I will then either store it in my glass container and add oils and dyes at a later time or I will add the optional additives last. I tend to stay away from doing adding oils and dyes at first because not everyone likes the same scent. A good way to know if the ingredients are mixed right, look at the coloring. If the (food) color is spread evenly, with no clumps, then you are good to go!

Oils that Benefit:
Peppermint - it can help sooth nausea, cool overworked muscles because of the menthol, help contain itching.

Lavender - improve sleep quality, soothe joint pain, and help calm the nervous system. It is all around a soothing oil for the body and mind.

Geranium - helps soothe nervousness

Chamomile - improves sleep quality

Green Tea and Cucumber - relaxes the body and helps de-stress

All combinations will help ease muscle aches due to the epsom salt that is added.

Storage for Salts - Found at Marshalls for $5

Lavender and Green Tea - found bottles at Marshalls $2/each

Lavender, Cucumber Melon, and Jasmin

Christmas salts - Red and green striped ones are peppermint and there is also Cucumber Melon and Lavender


Do not eat salts

If you medical issues, please consult with your doctor before taking a salt bath. If you are pregnant, please consult with you OB/Midwife before soaking in bath salts about certain herbs/oils.

There are some oils that are hazardous and need to be avoided, please make sure you research Essential Oils if you are not sure of which ones to keep away from.


  1. Oh! Neat! If you can find Dead Sea salts, they works wonders on joint pains. Also, any of the natural food stores will have someone who knows oils. I'm excited to give this a try!