Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting Back Into the Groove

What a crazy month or so it has been! I am beginning to feel as though our lives will never just slow down enough for me to get caught up and maintain what I am working on! As many know, I had surgery a little over three weeks ago and it has kept me a bit behind with recovering. I am feeling better now, but still have a good bit of recovery ahead of me. I am trying as hard as I possibly can to NOT overdo it, but with this life I live that is nearly impossibly to do. Between three kids, Kevin and his injuries, and other things - slowing down is just not happening!

I am going to spend time over the next couple of days updating here, so be prepared for quite a few posts and photos! There is so much to share from Halloween to today. I first have to go back and see exactly where we left off last.

Thanks for all the prayers and warm wishes during this time and a huge thank you to the amazing people that have kept me going these past few weeks! Without the few of you I would be a total mess!

We love you all!

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