Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Removing Wallpaper with Fabric Softener

Our painted dining room

Earlier this year I found myself staring at the walls of our dining room wanting to rip the wallpaper off and modernize the room. Needless to say, within no time at all that is what I found myself doing.

As I started to attempt ripping the 30+ year wallpaper that was on the wall I came to the quick realization that it was not budging the way I had hoped it would. I tried so many things in hopes that it would make the wallpaper removal easier and sadly had no  luck for the first couple of days. After different mixtures, I discovered the BEST wallpaper removal trick there is and am going to share it with you!

If you are removing wallpaper and discover that it is not peeling off like you want it to, go to the store and pick up a spray bottle and fabric softener. Any kind will work, though personally I like the way Downy smells and decided to go with that.Mix half hot water and half softener into the spray bottle and start spraying the area you are working in. Don't go overboard and spray all over the place, take your time and just spray in a small area. Once the mixture soaks for a minute or two, you can literally scrape the wallpaper off without any force or much effort.

I can now say that our dining room looks MUCH better and we all LOVE it!

Before we ripped off the old wallpaper and painted
Just a very small portion of the mess
Bare walls!
Our dining room AFTER we painted and put up the chair rail

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