Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Storms

In El Paso it is on a very rare occasion that we see rain clouds and have storms rolling in. However, it never fails that once we reach the mid to late summer season, we see some isolated storms come through this city that we live in. They say the sun shines on average 302 days a year here, which would be the reason behind us being referred to as the Sun City.

When the storms came through during the first few days of this week, the kids became frightened by the sound of the rumbling thunder. To me, I saw no big deal in it and opened all windows and doors, allowing the wind to blow through the house and to let the smell of rain take over. Then it hit me, the kids are not use to the east coast storms like I am. They have never known it to really storm.

Of course, after all the storms and rain that has come through every evening and night, not only have the kids found it entertaining to run outside and splash in puddles, Kevin and I have had a blast taking the XTerra out on some easy riding trails just to ride through the water. Nicholas has now discovered that he can make some mad puddles in the backyard with the water hose... Needless to say, we have caught him "wheeling" while on his bike! I guess the genes run through thick in him with a mom and dad that love to get out in the muddy puddles with 4 wheeler's and big trucks!!!

The last photo is the one that stands out to us the most. While we were out driving, we noticed the storm had a very red tint to it. It was very odd and of course we had to take pics!

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