Monday, July 4, 2011

Sisterly Love, Sisterly Hugs, & Blanket Buckle Up

There was one day last week that our daughters would not stop fighting, Kevin was at work, I was recovering from surgery, Nic was napping, and I was at the breaking point of losing my mind with the fighting. See, the recovery following the surgical procedure I went through is more painful than I ever thought and also takes a lot more our of me than anticipated, so it was quite difficult last week being on my own with the kids while Kevin was at work. Mainly because getting up and down is a lot harder than one imagines and sitting the proper was is close to impossible. During the battles of the Biddle girls, I decided to make them stand by the front door and hug each other. Yes, they had to hug one another and do it in a true loving manner. That took quite a few minutes to get right for the two of them because Breanna was not seeing eye to eye when I told them that was their punishment. Their fighting went from Caitlin trying to  aggravate Breanna with little things while we were watching tv to Bre holding Caitlin down and hitting her.

What else can I say other than....Sisterly Love Leads to Sisterly Hugs!

On a different day last week, Kevin had to take me to the doctor. While we were driving, I looked back at Nic because he started telling me how his blanket (which is the sheet he took off his crib mattress a couple years ago and became attached to) was in the seat belt just like him.... Oh how proud he was!

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  1. Look at that, it's very sweet. When I was younger, I used to run to my sister when I get upset. Especially during those warm summer season when everyone else is annoyed.