Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun in the Hot July Sun

A couple weeks ago the kids headed to the backyard to play and run around in the nice weather we were having. They asked us if they could play in the sprinklers we bought them last year. They never even made it to the point of hooking everything up, when Nic decided to grab the water hose and start a battle in attempt to soak the girls. As soon as this started, Caitlin of course took off running and Bre managed to get herself cornered at the back wall with a teal plastic container lid as her human shield. 

Her "shield" didn't work as she hoped, which of course turned a battle into a war! Breanna somehow managed to snag the water hose from Nicholas, who was able to get a grip back on it and around in circles these two ran. It didn't take too terribly long before Breanna managed to have Nicholas soaking wet. Even with his enjoyment and laughter in full swing, this brought on a war between these two. The fought back and forth over the water hose, laughing the entire time! 

Their laughter just makes my heart melt.....

Oh, and the grass looks absolutely amazing and so much better now!!!! :)

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