Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Naked Kid on the Run

Nicholas constantly keeps us on our toes! There is never a dull moment, calm day, or downtime in our house. Hence the reason it takes me so long to update our blog and when I's the middle of the night! Right now it is after 1am and I just can't sleep.

For the past two days Nic has felt the need to streak in our backyard. If he's going to do it, better the back than the front I suppose. But, is it really necessary for him to drop his pants and run through our yard? He has gotten spanked two days in a row for this act. Today, the girls and one of their friends were playing in the backyard, with Nic out there of course. Out of nowhere I hear the girls yelling for me. I was upstairs, so I opened our bedroom window to see what was going on. I took pictures just to show everyone in no way am I exaggerating over what this child does! This is the view I saw when I looked out my window! Yes, he did get into trouble. Lol, he is always doing something. All boy and just like his Dad! I think Terri was right on her words earlier when she said that it won't be Caitlin that acts like Kevin as we originally thought. Nicholas is his payback for acting out so much and putting his mom through all he did! So, what did I ever do? I wouldn't trade these days for anything.... Well almost.....

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