Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas From Our House to Yours

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to all of our family and friends! It is so hard to believe we have just celebrated Christmas for 2010! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating it with family, friends, and the ones you hold close to you. Even though we spent another year so far from our family, we still managed to have a wonderful time with each other. For the first time since Kevin enlisted, he took leave for the Holidays, spending a little over two weeks at home with us. It was a nice break for each of us, especially the kids. Maybe one year soon we will be able to spend Christmas with our family! The next few months hold a lot for us and where we end up! (Sorry, we do not have any more details right now than we did a couple weeks ago. As soon as we do, we promise to let you all know.)

The kids had a terrific Christmas and ended up with all kinds of goodies! Of course they received a good bit of clothing, real cute shirts and dresses (dresses for the girls of course!), CD’s, a ton of DVD’s, books, dolls, dinosaurs, and art’s & craft supplies, and so much more! The present that the kids have played with nonstop during the day are their scooters and bike!

The kids received all kinds of art supplies, games, movies, dolls, dinosaurs (play toys and stuffed ~ Nic sleeps with the stuffed ones every night!), bath and body sets, and so much more, from Santa. He left them a good bit!

Thank you PawPaw, MawMaw & Ashton for mine and Kev’s gift! We appreciate it more than you know! Of course, now I have to pick on y’all though… the kids can’t wait for their box to arrive! Haha. You guys always make Christmas extra special for them…. The kids look so forward to receiving their gifts a little after Christmas… It is an extra special bonus away from Christmas day! Thank you! No matter what you send, they always adore it. We miss you all more than words can ever say!

The girls each received a scooter and Nicholas received his first bike! Grannie and Grandpa made a big hit with these gifts!  **Oh, and Grandpa, thanks for the train whistle that he has played with nonstop! Haha. He loves it, especially when he is playing with his train set. The one that use to belong to Breanna** The kids LOVE their new clothes. I am so thankful that Kevin and I ended up with kids that get excited over new clothes! I just think that is awesome. Grannie did an awesome job at picking out some of the cutest earrings for the girls! They have worn earrings everyday!  Thank you for mine and Kevin’s gifts as well. It is all very much appreciated and loved! As always, you guys spoiled each of us! We just wish y’all could have been here. Terri, you have the best taste in jewelry! The girls and I always know that whatever you send it going to be beautiful! Kevin loves his change thing! He has done a wonderful job in putting change in it and the kids are always searching the house and cars for change! Haha. The girls and Kevin have decided that the once the jar is full the money will go towards something for the family. They have decided they all want the Nintendo WII! It puts such a big smile on my face to see the excitement of those three! Thank you! Who would have thought the change jar would have been such a hit! To those of you who are not aware of what I am speaking of, this jar keeps count of how much change is in the jar.

The kids all want to say Thank You to Great Grandma Kathy & Great Grandpa Steve. They love the movies and toys! Great pick for all of them. The girls were very excited to see the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana movies. They instantly placed their dolls with their collection of favorites! Nicholas has carried around his Diego set from his room to the living room, just playing!  He loves the car! Thank you so much for their gifts!

(Great) Grandmama and Aunt Jeanette, thank you so much! You made Nicholas’ day with cars! That kid is a car fanatic! The girls love their gifts as well. Caitlin loves her Barbie! Bre was so excited for the art supplies and the case! She has placed all of her art supplies in the case and thinks it is the best thing ever! The jewelry was a great pick for them! Kevin and I can’t wait to use our new waffle maker! We love kitchen items! The utensil set is awesome! We love the wooden set and love using them when we cook! Thank you so much for everything! All of the gifts are perfect for us!

Thank you to everyone for the Christmas cards, phone calls, emails, text messages, and anything else I may have forgotten to mention! We miss you all and cannot wait for the next time we are able to see each of you! We love each and every one of you! Never forget that! No matter the distance, we think of all of our family and friends every day!

Also, an Extra Merry Christmas to our sweet and precious baby nephew/cousin, Gavin! This is his first Christmas. We hope Gavin had a wonderful day… even though he is still too young to even care or notice the holidays yet! We can’t wait until the day we finally get to meet you little man! Merry 1st Christmas sweet baby boy! We all love you so much!
Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! We hope the holidays left smiles on your faces and memories for a lifetime! As we come to a close on this holiday season, let us not forget the meaning behind it. It is not about the gifts that we each received, but about the reason we celebrate it. Happy Birthday to our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Hold the ones you love close and always let them know you love them.

With love from all of us,
Kevin, Brittney, Breanna, Caitlin, & Nicholas

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