Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Christmas Cuteness

As most of you know, in a couple of months Kevin will be medically retired from the Army due to multiple combat related issues. This is not the post to go into detail on concerning this. This post, is however, to tell you all about our Early Christmas Cuteness that we have had for almost two weeks now. Since Kev will be getting out, we can now have dogs again! One more move is left (moving away from El Paso!), so he can actually be home to help take care and train puppies. Kevin's surprise was for us to pick out two puppies..... Two very cute Doberman sisters! They are now a little over five weeks old and everyone in the house has fallen in love with them. We have named them Dixie and Daisy and can't wait for you to all see them! We can't wait for them to grow larger! Between me and you though, I'm going to miss their sweet, cuddly stage! They are both very attached to me. If I call them they go crazy, whining when they can't see me. Dixie has learned to howl a little when she can hear me, but not lay eyes on me. She has also learned how to climb the steps to our bedroom in order to locate me. Kev and I have wanted Dobermans, but were waiting for the time when he would be out of the army.


Our Girls

They are just too cute!

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