Friday, October 3, 2008

The time has come, yet again

The time has come again for Kevin to spend an unlimited amount of time in the field. Field training started almost two weeks ago, with Kevin and some of the Platoon spending the first eight days in New Mexico. Now, they are just pulling from the rear, while rotating guys that go out for five days at a time. Over the summer Kevin became a squad leader, at this point leaving him busy from the time he wakes up (between 3-430am) until far after he gets home (which he normally walks in between 5-9pm). Our lives definitely revolve around the Army more now than ever! He will be gone pretty much all of November with the rest of the Brigade and some in December. During this, he is supposed to be home for the Holidays. January-February they all have to go back to NTC....time to start preparing for yet again, another deployment. We are not sure at this point when that will be.

During all of this Brittney is having to have a hysterectomy, which will be similar to the c-sections she has had. The surgery will take place on October 15, first thing in the morning. She will have her cell phone on her in the hospital, as will Kevin.

The kids are all great! Nicholas is slowly beginning to talk and into everything! He is such a great toddler! Breanna and Caitlin are enjoying school. Breanna brought home her grades, three 100's, two 97's, and a 95 as her overall grades in her subjects. Caitlin is learning a lot this year and her writing has really improved.

Breanna has us already planning her birthday party. This year Kevin will be home and it will be on her birthday, October 25. She insists on having a Hannah Montana party and is very excited about it. Hard to believe she is going to be seven this year. Where does the time go? She is going through the stage now of whining when she does not get her way and has become really good at talking back!

Hope everyone's October has started of well!

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