Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The kids had such a great time this Halloween! We took them over to some friends house. All kids behaved wonderfully for us! It was great seeing the girls bouncing from house to house and being so excited. We ended up putting Nicholas in the stroller and pushing him up to a few houses. We caught him trying to eat the candy straight from the wrapper a few times. He would just chew on the wrapper until he broke it open. Cute! By the end of the night, all kids were exhausted! Our three ended up passing out in the car before we even got out of the Warner's neighborhood! Breanna was Sharpay from High School Musical, Caitlin decided she wanted to be a bride ~ even though she refused to wear the veil, and Nicholas was a puppy. Nic actually wore the costume without a problem but hated when we put makeup on his face! We used a dark grey eyeshadow on his nose and eyeliner for his whiskers!

Caitlin right before we left out house

Our "not so happy" little puppy

Kevin being Kevin...what more can I say?
Hmmm...wonder what he is trying to get into

Mommy and her puppy

Caitlin walking with Ricardo, Anna's son.

Long night for them, peaceful ride home for us!

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