Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Breanna!

The time has come, yet again, to celebrate Breanna's Birthday. She turned seven today. She has been so excited about her birthday. Kevin and I, on the other hand, are having difficulties in knowing how old our little girl is getting! Where have the past seven years gone? Seems as though it was just yesterday I was in L&D in a panic because we were having such complications and her heart rate was close to non-existent. I can remember so clearly them getting me to the OR for the emergency c-section and praying my baby girl would be okay. Here we are, seven years later, with a child who has amazed us on a daily basis. Everything the doctors warned us about, she has proved to be wrong. Over the years she has had some struggles with asthma being that her lungs were underdeveloped at birth. We were told that she may be a little behind being that she was a little over five weeks premature. She is one of the most intelligent children I know. I am not saying that just because she is mine. Bre is a straight A honor roll student, who is going to be tested for the gifted program again this year at school. Our problem with her, she is at the whiny stage that can make a parent insane! Haha. She is so curious on the finest of details in life...she gets that from her mom! She is stubborn and strong minded...which is to blame from both her parents.

Happy Birthday Breanna! We hope you have an amazing day!

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